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Opening the Vault: A Chronological History of Queer Interest & LGBTQ+ Cinema


MundoF 10,084 films

The last few years have not only brought LGBTQ+ films and stories further into the mainstream, but queer films have…

  • 1985
  • Alone in the Game
  • And Breathe Normally
  • Bad Reputation
  • Believer

lgbt films


nikai 977 films

feature films: 927 short films: 49 total films: 976

what films have been excluded from this list? here.

i think…

  • King and the Clown
  • Love My Life
  • Happy Together
  • Eternal Summer
  • No Regret

LGBT themed Asian movies

Not on Letterboxd:

Shinjuku Midnight Baby (Japan, 2015) Butterfly [퀴어영화 나비] (Korea, 2015) Goodbye Day [굿바이 데이] (Korea, 2006) Crystal…