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  • fellinifocker69

    Blue steel funny

  • Jake Indiana


    This is a comedic masterpiece? 'Airplane!' level of stupid played SO seriously, with the commentary on fashion actually being... great?

    The Orange Mochachino montage is superb filmmaking, as are many of the other music video moments they create to drive this ridiculous plot forward. All the cameos are important but Bowie's is a post-modern moment for the ages.

  • AdamWatchesFilm

    Was not expecting to see David Bowie

  • Zerb7


    Watching this growing up with my friends goofy dad was always a blast. Watching this as an adult with a the knowledge of things like sweat shops being very real (and also good movies being real), it’s a lot less fun. It’s got a few aspects that are fun, but it’s REALLY not helped by stuff like them toeing the line as close as they can come to doing blackface without actually doing it (which is immediately followed up by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson descending into acting apes with traces of makeup on their faces).

  • sydney mortenson

    this movie is literally so perfect

  • Jordan Volk


    First night home with a newborn. This movie hit the spot. Dropped much of the anxiety.

    That Hansel he's so hot right now.

  • plhnz


    a beautiful mess

  • Abel Frouslin


    Raphael a eu la merveilleuse idée de mettre une vidéo de compilation de prout randoms qui dure 10 heures en même temps que le film, les petits creux étaient souvent comblés par un gros pet et en même temps ces surprises tonitruantes augmentaient exponentiellement le comique des scènes déjà amusantes. Le film prend une demi-étoile en plus pour ça,
    très déçu en revanche de Michael Youn, Fatal étant un film que je connais par coeur, je comprends désormais comment (d'apres une interview de lui) il a réussi à écrire le film en 1 mois, Been Stellar avait déjà tout fait ici.

  • matbroughton


    Where’s the animals

  • salemenceoff



  • Mak



  • Rox

    playing a michael jackson song on the david bowie cameo 💀