I did not rate this because I am still processing what I have watched. I don't think I can rate this until I've seen it two more times.

This motherfucking movie is a fucking lot.

This movie is the ultimate ASMR movie, but with anxiety.

I definitely did not understand a lot of it and didn't pick up on certain cultural clues. This film does not spell it out for you, and at 7 hours 30 minutes, it leaves you wondering for a long time with small hints here and there. Before I watch it again I feel like understanding Hungary's recent history and communism will help greatly.

The first four hours of this was incredibly slow for me, and it may be because I didn't get enough sleep beforehand but I almost fell asleep numerous times in the first three hours. This film loves the long takes. The opening scene is about cows freeing themselves from a factory and wandering a town that lasts for about eight minutes. There are dancing scenes where the camera does not move and runs for ten to fifteen minutes. This movie is not just about the plot and the characters, but it's an emotional experience that weighs on you throughout the entire process.

It's funny. Did you know that plodding and plodding along are two different things? It's depressing. It's difficult to watch. Numerous times throughout the movie I had to keep reminding myself "My God they haven't cut yet!"

This film is truly an experience that I will never forget. I'll definitely have to see it again and again and again for as long as I live.

Watched at The Museum of Fine Arts - Boston

Animal Alert:
- A cat is tortured to death in a very long sequence.

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