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  • Stage Mother

    Stage Mother


    Jacki Weaver takes control of her late son's drag club in this well-meaning comedy-drama, that doesn't have the energy it should given the subject. It isn't really funny enough aside from some good one-liners, but too slight to tackle the darker issues it raises; it is the kind of movie that opens with a fatal drug overdose but later Weaver manages to convince a drug-addicted performer to change their ways simply by a good talking to. (Let's not mention a…

  • Target Number One

    Target Number One


    Journalist Josh Hartnett discovers junkie Antoine Olivier Pilon was framed by a botched drug investigation, facing execution in Thailand, in this true-crime Canadian thriller that tells a fascinating story in decent, if unremarkable fashion. The film is somewhat marred by the awkward non-linear structure, where Pilon and Hartnett's storylines play in parallel, that doesn't make it immediately obvious that they are not in fact running at the same time, which is unnecessarily confusing. Hartnett's side also feels like the weaker…

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  • Venom



    I was entertained by Venom for what I suspect are all the wrong reasons, because this is a fascinating trainwreck. After a rather tedious first act, once Hardy is infected by the titular creature, the movie itself mutates into an absolute laugh riot; it becomes almost like a surreal buddy movie, as the usually intense actor flails and mugs with such ferocity that it is almost impossible to take him seriously, bypassing horror straight into goofiness. The script is both…

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    "It's clobbering time" is something Ben Grimm's abusive brother used to say before he slapped him about.

    I'm sure comic book fans will *love* that...

    Full video review here.