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The Fallout

The Fallout


great performances that capture the nightmare of gun violence in the states.

Jackass Forever — and by further extension Jackass as a whole — encapsulates one of the most joyous, magical truths of life in its silliest fruition: it sure is nice to have a friend.

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Film Daze Recommendation

'Passing' is a modern masterpiece, and all the more impressive and substantial for its sense of withdrawn minimalism, quietude, and patience. - words by Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

Film Daze Recommendation

Celebrate Valentine's Day by watching one of the greatest romance movies of all time.

Apart from Hall and Roth’s dedicated performances, the film itself stays committed to its premise. The ending is open to interpretation, which allows the audience to take from it what they wish. However one chooses to see it, Resurrection stands as a gruesome account of the aftermath of abuse, and how one woman works to reclaim what she lost. 

Review by Emily Jacobson

Film Recommendation #7

With less than a month until the release of the fourth and likely final Jackass installment, now is a great time to return to the iconic, gross-out, chaotic beginnings of this motley crew. - Veronica P.

Film Recommendation #6

Rob Letterman's Goosebumps is a perfect homage to everything we loved about the iconic series, but Alisha M. says it best "Jack Black as R. L. Stine looks like he smells like reading an old book whose pages are yellowed and whose spine creeks as you turn its pages on a cold rainy day inside of a musky wooden cabin, i.e., hot. Watch hot Jack Black."

Film Recommendation #5

Celebrate Hayao Miyazaki's 81st birthday by watching his first feature film.