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‘All of Us Strangers’ chooses, quite movingly, to look at loving as something stabilizing and true.

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'Saltburn' fails to present Oliver’s infiltration of the Catton family, and his slurping up of their blood and guts, with a ruggedness or rawness [...] 'Saltburn' wants the idea of being nasty to be enough for us.

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Coppola's newest film shows us how Priscilla Presley was swallowed whole by Elvis and his world, compelled to be the person he wanted her to be at a time when you are meant to be discovering yourself on your own terms.

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Scorsese's latest epic dispels the idea that humans are inherently evil — Killers of the Flower Moon shows us how love can be chosen amidst senseless cruelty.

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Slow and precise. Contemplative instead of demanding. When you read the synopsis or blurb associated with this movie it’s easy to assume you know what kinda movie this is. You don’t. It’s not really like most other oscar bait movies about veterans or related to the military. It’s a quaint little character study.

It gives you these peculiar interactions and then later colors them with context through dialogue. I was really surprised by how well written this was and the…




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“i never gave you any enemas.”
well somebody tried to give us enemas, i dunno who it was.” 

my first ever criterion purchased dvd!!!! this is my most nauseating comfort watch. i do truly adore it.