Batman Begins ★★★★½

After an eight year hiatus, where Batman had single handedly been killed by Joel Schumacher, the Dark Knight came roaring back to the big screen in one of the most impressive reboots of all time.

What Christopher Nolan was able to accomplish here is nothing short of amazing. He not only retold a story we're very familiar with in an interesting way, he changed the goofy comic book tone established by previous films and made a darker and more realistic version of the caped crusader work.

Christian Bale was an excellent choice to play the hero, creating an engaging and noble protagonist who's easy to get behind. Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman shine in their supporting roles. Katie Holmes is the obvious weak link, as she shares no chemistry with Bale and seems out of place here.

The cinematography is wonderful, with some beautiful landscape shots and energetic camera work to make the film all the more engaging. Hans Zimmer's new Batman themes suit the tone perfectly.

The action is exciting and well handled, with great fight choreography. But this is not just a comic book movie, there are many interesting themes and ideas presented, and some surprising emotional depth that is more mature than most movies of the genre.

Overall Batman Begins is a triumph of a superhero movie, that redefines the genre in ways that would only be improved in the sequel. With great characters, exciting action, and perfect direction, Batman Begins resurrected the Batman franchise in a brilliant way.

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