Elf ★★★★½

Buddy is a human adopted by elves that travels to New York to meet his real father, who just might be on the naughty list. This creative concept is extremely well realized, making Elf a true holiday classic.

Will Farrell plays Buddy perfectly, displaying the giddy, gleeful nature of his character with ease. James Caan as his stubborn, cold hearted father contrasts greatly with Buddy, creating instant comedy.

The hilarious, quotable script is the real star, as each scene is as funny as the last. Pacing is pitch perfect, ensuring no scene overstays it's welcome and remains relevant to the story.

The Christmas filled soundtrack and light tone make this immensely rewatchable and perfect for the whole family. Above all, Elf is just plain fun. It's hard to dislike this one, it's a real crowd pleaser.

The third act does stumble a bit in a bit of a misguided ending. Once the father son drama and fish out of water humor played out, there wasn't much left to do.

Nevertheless, Elf is a top notch comedy with great performances, an excellent screenplay, and an endless rewatchability factor. It's far from perfect, but I never miss watching this around the Christmas season, nor will I ever.

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