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Finally! After an agonizing fourteen year wait, everyone's favorite superhero family is back on the big screen. Though it doesn't reach the heights of the first film, Incredibles 2 is a worthy follow up to The Incredibles.

Taking place immediatley after the first film, Incredibles 2 opens up with a bang and doesn't let up. The animation on display is amazing, Pixar are truly masterful at the mediunm. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible's roles are reversed this time, which makes for some very funny moments with Bob at home struggling to raise three kids. The real standout this time is Jack Jack, the baby of the family. The writers took his part up a notch after the hilarious final scene of the first film, and he steals the show here.

The action scenes are really great, the standout being Helen chasing a runaway train through the city. The final battle incorporates all the super's powers into a very exciting climax. The addition of the character Void who can create portals adds to the creativity of the action sequences. Michael Giacchino's score isn't quite as good this time, but has some similar themes to the original which work well enough.

The biggest problem here is the villain. Though the design is fairly interesting, the antagonist's motives are extremely weak. Compared to Syndrome in the first film, who was charasmatic and compelling, the ScreenSlaver is destined to be another quickly forgotten Disney villain. Plus they treat the reveal of the culprit like some big surprise, when in realuty anybody who has ever seen a movie can guess it in the first fifteen minutes.

A couple of smaller flaws exist, like the improper balance of screen time for the heroes. Dash, my personal favorite, got the short end of the stick this time unfortunately. The side characters aren’t very memorable, and some of the dialogue gets a little too political at times for my taste. 

Incredibles 2 certainly entertains for its two hour runtime with great character moments, hilarious and relatable family drama, and exciting and visually stunning action sequences. It isn't quite as incredible as that original Pixar classic, but it made me cross my fingers that we don’t wait another fourteen years for Incredibles 3.

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