The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★

If you love Martin Scorsese then you're guaranteed to give this a 5/5. It's an extremely well made film, there's no denying it. Most of the iconic actors from Scorsese's filmography are here and do great work as expected. Robert De Niro is excellent as the lead but Joe Pesci and Al Pacino are definite scene stealers.

The exquisite camerawork, appropriate use of soundtrack, and foul mouthed criminals we'd come to expect from a Scorsese production are all present. I like that this film committed to an interpretation of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa instead of leaving it open ended. For a long film like this, there needed to be some resolution to make the whole thing feel worth it and the tragic aftermath of the main conflict is some of the film's most compelling material.

For me this film faltered in a few areas. The digital work done to de-age actors like De Niro was distracting at times and I believe using it more sparingly would have been more effective. The use of CGI blood was also very noticeable and lessened the impact of a lot of the hit scenes for me.

Much has been said about the runtime of The Irishman, clocking in at three and a half hours. While I was never bored due to the expert directing and acting, upon reflection I don't know that this story needed to be as long as it was. And its strange that for such a long film there are elements I found to be underdeveloped such as the relationship between Frank and his family.

I was pleasantly surprised at how Scorsese was able to hold my attention for his 200 minute crime drama, but I suppose I never should have doubted such an impressive filmmaker.

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