Jackie Brown ★★★★★

Also one I haven’t seen since at least college and yeah this is Tarantino’s most underrated film. While I haven’t read the Elmore Leonard novel this is based on, Tarantino’s dialogue and storytelling is on full display here. The story here is so twisty and full of surprises that it’s hard to see what would come next.  It’s a damn good caper that delights throughout. 

This also feels like Tarantino at his most....mature. Throughout this journey, there’s always this.....weird feeling of a care free, almost teenager like attitude, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Here, it feels like Tarantino grew up a bit on this one. This feels like the most subdued film he’s done in terms of story and characters.  

However, this film is an acting powerhouse. Not one single person is a weak spot in this cast. Pam Grier is phenomenal as Jackie, displaying a sense of calm and cool while working every angle to her advantage. Samuel L Jackson, rocking the FUNKIEST wig and goatee, is menacingly fun. He’s so unpredictable here, as you never know which direction the man will sing in. 

But Robert Forster......god he’s one of our greatest character actors. He’s so sweet as Max, playing the hapless and downright wholesome bail bondsman. Forster plays this so sweetly and down to earth, as if he was more of a kindly neighbor. And the final scene with him and Jackie.....just heartbreaking. 

But if this was Tarantino at his most subdued, the next few films are him at his most downright GONZO. And I can’t wait to re-explore them.