Dunkirk ★★★★★

DUNKIRK (2017) -

Dunkirk is not a movie, Dunkirk is a transcendent bone-shattering experience that utterly eclipse's the form. It's something truly special.
It's a terrifying existential whirl - the elements are force's beyond our control as we fight on the land, the sea and the air, our will broken hoping for a miracle, home is so close yet alludes you so as to where in the world you are, Zimmer's louder than life score one with the film, time itself constantly ticking away scratching men and metal off the face of the beach's and the enemy forces never once seen but always present - both on screen and in your usually cosy cinema. It's a damn miracle in and of it's own somehow such a heart-pounding rush also find's deep humanity and wonder in the void of war. Nolan's film is at once an instant classic, piece of raw real myth making, tactile spectacle masterclass, gut punch of humanity, unbelievable true story and a testament to the form whilst totally re-writing the rules of celluloid.
You'll come out of this shaking, and you better come out of it in IMAX.


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