Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

Lets not pretend like that making fun of and beating up Nazis hasn't always been the backbone of pop culture and our favourite movies forever. We fought them in space and we punched them in ancient temples, and now we laugh at them in hopepunk satires? "Jojo Rabbit" is undoubtedly a strange film, but it's also a rather sweet one. A genuinely very funny very honest look under the hood of Nazi Germany through all too revealing ironic laughs and sometimes horrifying wide eyed raw whimpers. It doesn't quite ever mine the complexity it could however, it's not that it's tonally inconsistent so much as it is poorly paced and padded. Still the cast is dynamite, the jokes are smart and hilarious and the ending is a stunner. As I always say if emotion is the new rock and roll, then this genration deserves it's own film about children learning love, hate, and how stupid Nazis are in the form of the rule breaking subgenre of the moment.

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