Almost Famous ★★★★½

"Famous people are more fun."

A young boy that wants to be a rock journalist goes with the band Stillwater on tour and learns all about life and relationships.

I haven't gotten much chance to sit down and watch a movie with classes starting up so I'm taking the weekend to enjoy some much needed movie time and this is where it starts. This movie left me wanting to listen to rock music and go on tour with some rock stars even though I'm not a person who is particularly into music. It showed me a whole world that I will never be a part of but that I can witness through things like this. That is the beauty behind movies, the experience that you cannot actually reach is brought to you through them.
The characters in this movie were all so flawed that it made them seem very very real. All of the rock stars were likeable but also had the potential to get people to really hate them which led to some interesting dynamics within the film
My one complaint is with Zooey Deschanel who isn't in much of the movie but in the parts she is in she delivers her lines in such a robotic way it makes it unbelievable.