Amber Alert

"You're such a smart boy"

A movie that honestly had the potential to be really good falls completely flat in the end. This was a movie that sounded so very interesting but the complete lack of acting and honestly a story that never really went anywhere new or exciting made it boring. Pretty much every single person in this movie could not get their line delivery to match the emotion they were meant to be having (even though their faces did show the emotion). They delivered every line and emotion the same except anger which was a slightly louder version of the same delivery. The exception was Calum who managed to get the lines delivered correctly but could not seem to get his face to match.
The story itself was so boring and obvious I almost gave up and stopped watching completely. The big "shocking" twist at the end was so obvious that I had already managed to figure it out the second time the negotiator went into the building. It just didnt go anywhere.