Basic Instinct ★★★★★

"Would you like a cigarette Nick?"

Once again I have to say its been a while since I got the chance to watch a new movie, or any movie for that matter, college has me in class or doing homework constantly lately. This movie was incredible and fucked with my head in so many ways. I knew it was Catherine who had done all of the killing but she somehow managed to manipulate me to think (even if it was just for a short while) that someone else did it instead of her. That is the power that Catherine has and the power that Sharon Stone put into every single second of this performance. She was the ultimate femme fatale, seducing Nick, using Nick and eventually turning Nick's attention to exactly what she wants. She is one of the most seductive characters I have ever seen on screen. She puts together sentences in such a way that everything she says seems to come out in such an incredibly sexy way, there is almost no way to not get sucked into her charms despite the fact that you know what she's doing. As she pulls Nick in closer to her and really guides him away from her and into a whole new view of seeing things you almost fall for it too. Sharon Stone made a already strong, intense character even more so with her acting.
Micheal Douglas held his own but I felt that she held more intensity than he could, though that may very well have to do with the characters themselves not the acting. You can almost relate to everything he is going through even though you haven't experienced it. The movie uses him to suck you into her seduction and traps just as he is.
My only problem with this movie is the music. This is mostly just a personal preference and I know at the time it was very normal for this to happen with movies. I hate when movies use music to tell me how I should be feeling. I feel like its somewhat condescending, that we as an audience are not intelligent enough to know what we should feel. I do no need intense music to tell me a moment is intense. However, I do understand it was pretty common at the moment. I just prefer the intensity in scenes without that background music. That's just me though.