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  • Thief



    When you accidentally have a vaporwave marathon, you close with the best.

  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    Watched S P E E D V A P O R // R A C E R W A V E again, which they’ve already pulled from Letterboxd so it gets logged as SPEED RACER now. I might watch this movie once a week for the rest of my life. It’s the only movie I’ve ever seen where I want to start watching it again 10 minutes into it, well before it’s even over. Just pure visceral pop-tarts.

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  • The Guest

    The Guest


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I couldn't help myself. I'm going to be watching this again in a week or two for my podcast, but when it popped up as the first thing on my Netflix last night, I had to watch it again for the 4th time.

    This movie holds up to repeat viewings so well. All of the performances are really fun and get funnier and more interesting the more you watch it and invest in their individual stories. And the movie is…

  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye


    Better than almost (almost) all of its imitators. Funny, dry, weird, lazy, hazy, and exactly the right length for its premise. Can’t wait to revisit all 400 of the movies this inspired that I’ve only kind of liked, like INHERENT VICE. I would guess they will play better with this finally in my rear view.