Booksmart ★★★

Finally got to catch up with this and glad I did. A lot of good comedy in this, but I especially just liked the leads and their chemistry together. Also enjoyed seeing some young actors I've seen elsewhere tackle different roles and prove their chops, like MA's Diana Silvers.

Wilde proves to be a fun and interesting director as well. There are some really great looking sequences in this, and some really fun directorial choices throughout. Not sure if it's the editing or something she intended with her style, but it does feel slightly disjointed at times. The world of the movie is a bit fantastical so this kind of works, but I found myself being overly logical about the movie a handful of times, wondering how much time was passing and how characters were getting from point A to point B (I know this is an actual joke in the movie about one character, but it occurs in other places too). Not sure what I'm intending to say here, just that I was really impressed with the direction, though found it a little too loose for some of the storytelling choices.

This is small potatoes in a successful comedy though. The fact that it has a visual voice of its own is impressive in a comedy in and of itself. These characters are a delight to spend time with and there are more than a handful of laugh-out-loud moments.

Genuinely impressed with Billie Lourd's performance as well. She's so fucking funny in this and captured some of her mother's rebel spirit here. It fucking delighted and honestly kind of moved me.

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