Scream 4 ★★★

"You forgot the first rule of remakes, Jill. Don't fuck with the original!"

This is a blast. What a great film-maker Craven was. This ultimately being his last film is kind of sweet in a way. The original cast is back and proving why they're still great, worthy actors that deserve continuing success. And every new cast member brings something great to the table, laying out perhaps the series' best, most expansive list of potential perps. Everyone had motive, and at different points I believed any of them could have been in on it. Honestly the only disappointment here was I initially had hopes that it would turn out to be a town wide conspiracy, which I think would have been pretty cool.

As on the nose as the message is at the end, I loved the direction they went here and am so glad this exists. This is probably the great horror franchise of my lifetime, and I kind of hope they let it be and leave it as one of Craven's pure legacies.

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