• Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    “Lobster and Scrabble.”

    I’m glad the CHASING AMY sequel addresses what a boring dumb-dumb Holden is.

    Pretty funny movie!

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Gradually moving into “one of the greats” territory for me. And the ending feels fully triumphant to me, where I think it used to seem scary. I guess the REAL Turing Test was on me!

  • 20 Million Miles to Earth

    20 Million Miles to Earth


    “Fascinating... Horrible, but fascinating.”

    Efficient and fun with some great Harryhausen effects. There’s a couple sequences in a barn early on that are just stellar, and a monster-on-elephant battle that demands to be seen. The finale at the Colosseum in Rome is a bit disappointing, though appears to be largely shot on location which is kind of incredible to see as I’m almost certain you couldn’t do that today. Perfect Saturday morning movie.

  • Birth



    A federal investigation into why I can only have one Glazer movie per decade but like 30 Marvel movies during just one of those decades.

    Watched this early in the morning and have thought about it all day. It’s such a strange experience. And the thing I couldn’t stop thinking about was how it kind of feels like a spiritual sequel to EYES WIDE SHUT, but I can’t explain what I mean by that beyond all the upper class stuff…

  • Excision



    This movie is jammed packed with small performances from actors you love and has a wicked sense of humor that builds to an ultimate fever pitch that is genuinely shocking. I’m probably underrating this and would really like to revisit it in full view of the ending.

  • Money Movers

    Money Movers


    Something tells me I'll like this a lot more on second viewing. On initial viewing, this movie does kind of a terrible job of telling me who the protagonist is, making it hard to follow along with what is ultimately a fairly simple set up that just has a lot of players. Once I was finally keyed into what this was doing, which unfortunately wasn't until the finale was kicking in, I really enjoyed it. My guess is the details…

  • Planet of the Vampires

    Planet of the Vampires


    Boring as hell but gorgeous, hand-crafted production design makes it extremely watchable. I would like to own this in the highest quality possible for perpetual background use.

  • Nowhere to Hide

    Nowhere to Hide


    The FAST & FURIOUS franchise should absolutely include an emotionally charged snowball fight set to soap opera music.

    This is working best when it’s feeling like a John Woo movie, but it never gives me enough of a sense of who anyone is to reach the true melodrama of his movies. Nor does it have the action to support its stylish direction. Killer soundtrack, though.

    I think maybe Edgar Wright references this in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD? The swing set in the snow felt like the exact same series of shots to me.

  • All the Colors of the Dark

    All the Colors of the Dark


    Feeling like Martino is very much my speed when it comes to Giallo. His movies feel more cohesive than many of what I’ve seen otherwise, while still having some of the psychedelia and general weirdness of the genre. It also feels like he actually likes his female characters.

    There’s a song in this movie that plays under the ritual sequences that is fucking stellar. I gotta look up whether any of these old Italian horror flicks has vinyl releases of their music.

    Feels like it must be one of the touchstones for THE LOVE WITCH.

  • Long Weekend

    Long Weekend


    Nature cleanses itself of suburban rot.

    Has some very interesting thematic links to the original BLACK CHRISTMAS, if you’re looking for a double feature you could teach a whole college course on.

  • The Informant!

    The Informant!


    The most insidious thing about white collar crime is that it’s so fucking boring.

  • Tokyo Dragon Chef

    Tokyo Dragon Chef


    I’m just gonna assume there’s some context I lack for this. I could not figure out how all of the elements at play here worked together really. There’s musical elements to this that feel like they’re from a completely different kind of movie. I genuinely don’t know how to write about this other than to say it’s extremely weird - occasionally in fun ways that are interesting to look at, but mostly in confounding ways that left me scratching my head and yawning.