Exhumed Films: eX-Fest Part VIII

Another year, another eX-Fest. If you're not familiar, Exhumed Films is a group local to Philly that collects 35mm prints of movies that are generally otherwise forgotten to time. And every summer they marathon 7 of these gems in their exploitation festival that they call eX-Fest. It's one of the many reasons I haven't left Philly, cause where the hell else am I going to get the privilege to sit in a sweaty theater with a bunch of movie nerds and see these better-off-forgotten classics?

This year's line-up was a bit hit or miss, but that's kind of always the case with these movies. They're either to your taste or they're not. On the side of not to my taste…

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  • Dog Day
  • The Girl from the Red Cabaret
  • Soul Brothers of Kung Fu
  • Trackdown
  • Idaho Transfer
  • 1931: Once Upon a Time in New York
  • Fatal Termination