Suspiria ★★★★

more of an answer than a remake of the original, with quite a different plot that works as fantastically if not better compared to Argento's masterpiece - by the way, all this moves really fast for being a 2h30 movie

Dakota Johnson is truly unbelievable in this, she totally demonstrates how great of an actress she is, along with the rest of the cast - Mia Goth is beautiful again and Tilda Swinton just couldn’t be better, she deserves all of the awards.

the historical setting is also one of the most interesting elements of the film, adding a few layers more besides the psychological depth which Guadagnino grants.

talking about Luca, this is radically different to Call Me by Your Name, risking with multiple elements from directing to music - Thom Yorke's work is impressive -, but more especially with the big stunner towards the end: a bigger than life kinda videoclip, violent, and totally unexpected sequence marked by a bold red filter, which totally makes it even more strange - as if what’s  happening on scene wasn’t already memorable.

afterwards, one of the scenes in the epilogue easily ranks among the best from this year, and sets an emotional ending which connects everything in a masterful, sharp way. just as expected.

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