Game Change ★★★★

Brilliant HBO film on a fairly well-known event, the republican campaign of 2008 and the choosing of Sarah Palin as VP candidate.
And what a great cast. It's certainly not just Julianne Moore's film although she is absolutely great, Ed Harris also manages to provide a very sympathetic portrait of John McCain. But I'm pretty sure that it is Woody Harrelson as political adviser Steve Schmidt who gives the stand-out performance.

Most of us can remember Palin's screw-ups from four years back, if not, believe me they are all repeated and elaborated on here. It will be made quite clear in the film that she was the wrong choice, it's probably even quite an enigma that she had become Governor of Alaska in the first place. Her charisma saved her to some extent from further embarrassment, but what I think the film also focuses on quite nicely is that the biggest mistake was made by the people who chose her for the campaign.