Interstellar ★★★★½

I went into the theater with extremely low expectations. In fact up till the last minute before buying the ticket I wasn't sure I was gonna watch this tonight. It was between this and Fury. I knew that I had to watch it at some point, but it needn't be tonight. Then I decided - it's probably the better experience to watch this at the theater and not at home later.

My expectations were low because I am not a fan of Christopher Nolan. For me, his last three movies before this have been poor. Very poor. Not a Batman fan at all. And that Inception thing? Just didn't get it. For me his best film is (was?) Memento. Insomnia is quite good (but not as good as the original), and The Prestige is OK (but not as good as The Illusionist).

And also - I usually like to go into new films knowing as little as possible beforehand. That's why I never read reviews. But somehow this time I'd managed to pick up something about the final third of this film which didn't sound good at all. Something like «Love Conquers All», or about God even. Don't know from where I had that, but those were my thoughts. So, I was expecting this to drift into total failure like The Knowing did in the end.

That didn't happen.

Technically, both the scenes at Earth and in space were beautifully created and really great to look at. Splendid photography. And also the sound - at times it felt like I was actually sitting on a subwoofer. Kudos to the local cinema for spending my tax money wisely.

Artistically - from almost the first frame the story had me completely. Running out of food, eh? Not unlikely, that. And climate changes leading to sandstorms? Wouldn't bet against it. NASA working more or less undercover as humanity's last hope? Well, ok.

I didn't quite get how and why there were Indian (dots not feathers) drones flying around the neighborhood or how the gravitational anomalies affected the harvesters to come home for an early supper. Time travel and stuff like that, can't really think too much about it. Not while you're watching a movie about it anyway. Always try to put my brain into free mode and roll with it. But still - it was a suckerpunch when they got back on the ship from the first planet and synced calendars with Romilly.

And the final third? Up till then everything had been so perfect that I wasn't looking forward to it. I shouldn't have worried. I mean, why not do it like that? It's not like no one knows anything about this anyway, it's science fiction for chrissakes. I'm happy as long as religion stays away from stories like this, like God has a plan or anything like that. That usually ruins it for me. But what's wrong with love? When there is no God what we have to deal with is up to us. And wouldn't love be part of that? I certainly hope so.

Well done, I'd say.

An end note:

It could easily have flipped both ways, but I loved the sarcastic computers.

I also loved that Dr. Mann wasn't allowed to finish his final sentence. Evil men always get to do that in films.

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