La Jetée

La Jetée ★★★★

It may be more appropriate to label this as a photographed novel than a film. It's very good, I like it, but have never quite been able include it in my absolute favorites. I'm just gonna go out and say it - I like Twelve Monkeys more. Now kill me, Adam Cook. ;)

The extras on the Criterion edition of La Jetée / Sans soleil reveals quite a bit about Marker's fascination with Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock's acclaimed masterpiece. For me, that was perhaps equally as fascinating as watching the two films, those who pointed out the connection surely are on to something.

In Sans soleil, Marker tells us straight out that he has watched Vertigo 19 times and also has visited all the locations for the film in San Francisco. That's a strange thing to implement in such a film, isn't it?

And looky here, at these compared images from La Jetée and Vertigo. The connection is here too if I ever saw one.

There's also more in the extras - David Bowie was obviously influenced by Marker's film when he made the music video for «Jump They Say», see if you're not convinced at 1:55 into the video. The people who's made the reference calmly explains how Bowie has been able to be a leading avant gardist and a trend defining rock musician for 40 years by his ability to travel through time...