Rasputin: The Mad Monk ★★★

Rasputin: «She did as she was told. What a good little girl.»

I'm a bit ashamed by my review of The Plague of the Zombies, because in general I really do love these Hammer productions.

The actors are quite good, and we do get to know them very well after watching just a few films. For instance, this one and Dracula : Prince of Darkness have four of the same actors in the most leading roles. But that's not all - they also share the exact same location. What was Dracula's castle is here turned into the Tsarina's winter palace. Last, Christopher Lee's character dies on the exact same spot in both films. One really has to feel affectionate towards the people behind it all.

The Hammer company has been revived in later years, their latest production being The Woman in Black.