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  • The Devil At Your Heels

    The Devil At Your Heels


    Absolute masterpiece. I need that Ken Carter shirt so bad.

  • The Rover

    The Rover


    Easily one of the best of the 10s. The world here is as bleak as it gets, and the value of human life is nothing.

    Natasha Braier's cinematography is so beautiful. The shots of the sky, or the shots of expansive background landscapes, are top tier material. Then, you get these incredibly lit interiors, and the film officially touches the glory.

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  • Labyrinth



    David Bowie's Bulge The Movie.

  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    Things I would do differently.

    1. Remove the food from the freezer where they put the bodies.

    2. Build the wall out of something stronger than cardboard.

    3. Close and seriously board up the doors behind the built wall.

    4. Seduce Francine away from Flyboy.

    5. Take all the guns out of the gun store.

    6. Never take off the fur coat.

    7. Eat a whole ton of cheese.