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  • Brute Force

    Brute Force


    It is interesting to see a prison film that has noir film sensibilities, but I found myself wishing that this was just a straight up prison flick. All the stuff with the warden and the head guard I wasn't crazy about, and same goes for the flashbacks as to why the guys each ended up in prison. I did like when they had the guy tied to the front of the mine cart though. That was pretty full on.

  • Last Flag Flying

    Last Flag Flying


    Strong performances from the three leads, and J. Quinton Johnson (having to flex different acting muscles than he did in Everybody Wants Some!!), make this film a joy to watch. I think it helps to have seen The Last Detail, at least to understand the dynamic of the characters, and each of their personalities, but it seems like their relationship and the events during The Last Detail time period are different. I know that this film has gotten knocks for…

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  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    Things I would do differently.

    1. Remove the food from the freezer where they put the bodies.

    2. Build the wall out of something stronger than cardboard.

    3. Close and seriously board up the doors behind the built wall.

    4. Seduce Francine away from Flyboy.

    5. Take all the guns out of the gun store.

    6. Never take off the fur coat.

    7. Eat a whole ton of cheese.

  • Elysium



    I'm a dick. I've suspected as much over the past few months, and tonight I officially recognized this fact about myself. In the five minutes after this movie was over, I was able to piss someone I saw this with off so much that they just stopped talking to me all together. This is entirely because I called them on their negative comments about the film. I'm specifically using the wording "negative comments" as I feel criticisms denotes something valid,…