Face/Off ★★★★★

I'm not sure what this says about the state of movies these days, but I laughed more during Face/Off than I have in any comedy in the last two years. This laughter is in no way a slight against this classic face switching film. Sure there are times when I am laughing at the movie, the obvious stunt wires and stunt doubles really get me, but most of the time I am laughing with the film.

Just the fact that this movie exists, makes being alive pretty much wonderful. I want to go to the rooftops and shout, FACE/OFF IS A REAL MOVIE, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY. In a discussion with a friend about the upcoming summer of movies, he said "I really hope I don't die before this Summer, because there is lots of stuff I want to see." I would expand on that, and say that I hope I never die, so that I can watch Face/Off infinite more times.

Where else are you going to find three masters coming together, and arguably each doing some of their best work? John Woo was still refusing to acknowledge that his type of action movie was dieing out, and he gives one hundred and fifty percent to the film. All his signatures are on the film, and it is simply wonderful to witness. Face/Off contains possibly the best Mexican standoffs ever captured on film. The mirror one blows my mind.

Then you've got Cage and Travolta battling to see who can chew more scenery. In the end, it is a tie. Both actors do a fantastic job capturing the others mannerism, and the little quirks are what was makes each of the performances incredible.

In summation, Face/Off is good. Face/Off is really, really good.

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