Heat ★★★★

So........when I first saw this I was like, what a piece of garbage. I have been putting off watching it for a long time, and I wholly expected it to get a two star rating, like I would have given it previously. I probably watched this like ten years ago, so I guess I have evolved, because it is much better than I remember it being.

The Good

Location wise, this film is great. I love the drive-in scene a lot, and the bank, and the armored car under the overpass, all that is amazing. Even the houses are interesting, like with De Niro's being empty and all that. Everything is just set in interesting locations, and I really like that.

Then there are the heists themselves, which are showcased in great detail. I mean, after the bank is fantastic, the shoot out being amazing. Even the armored car robbery is super cool in its simplicity.

The Bad

That runtime is way too extended.

The green screen bit when De Niro is up talking to the love interest overlooking the city.

All the relationship stuff that is supposed to provide depth for the characters just does not play for me. For one, Michael Mann does this relationship stuff a million times better in Theif, and like I have written before, he is just trying to chase that success with every film he has made since. De Niro's love interest has a nothing role, and Pacino's whole family thing is just like, who cares? Particularly the whole Natalie Portman thing had me going, uh...what? I guess Val Kilmer and Ashley Judd's relationship is all right, but that bit probably didn't even need to be in the film, too be honest. I completely forgot about it by the end.

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