L.A. Confidential ★★★★★

This film has a quality about it that makes it a gripping watch, but it doesn't really stay with me after seeing it. The result is that even though I have seen this numerous times, I still am surprised every time I watch. Sure I can remember the basic plot, but some of the important moments I seem to forget. This basically means that each time watching it is like watching it for the first time.

L.A. Confidential was blessed by the film making Gods. Every actor brings the thunder with their performances. Spacey, Crowe, and Pearce each inhabit their roles perfectly, and I love how different each of their characters is. Kim Basinger makes what could have easily been a one note character complex, and rather alluring. James Cromwell does the same with his character, minus the alluring part.

I can't say enough about how good this film is. It rightly deserves its reputation and has held up incredibly well since its initial release.

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