Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior ★★★★½

There is one aspect specifically from Mad Max 2 that I would like to address. Sure I could talk about the almost non stop action, or the elaborate vehicle stunts. I could even talk about how great Mel Gibson is as an anti-hero. All these things have been talked about though, and I want to address something that I haven't seen in a film for some time. That being the child sidekick.

Short Round, Newt, The feral child in this, they all add a bit of comedy to there respected films, and more importantly, make the main character sympathetic. I am trying to think of a recent child sidekick in a film, and I am coming up with nothing. I however am coming up with lots of recent films that could have been better with the inclusion of a child sidekick. I probably would have really loved The Avengers had there been a wise cracking, sarcastic tween as part of the group. I'm being serious here when I say that they should have ditched Mark Ruffalo and cast the pudgy kid from the TV show Modern Family as the hulk.

In summation, bring back the child sidekick and the quality of films would immediately go up.

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