The Divide

Really disliked this film. I couldn't help but compare this to Romero's Day of the Dead, as the film deals with the similar idea of people stuck together at the end of the world. Day of the Dead is funny, and over the top, and great satire. The Divide is depressing, poorly acted, and uninteresting. I was seriously bored for most of this movie, and I really disliked the second half of the film.

That's not to say I liked the first half of the film. The characters are horrible, their motivations are worse, and there interactions are simply stupid. This film isn't realistic at all in the way the people react in crisis, especially one where people are stuck in a relatively safe environment. Everyone seems to be past the boiling point immediately, and their screaming and fighting with each other is in no way interesting. Then the movie adds this ridiculous sub-plot that has nothing to do with the film. The only reason this element is in the film, is because it seems to be the only way this film could have an ending. Extremely sloppy screenwriting on display here.

Even though I pretty much despise this film in every way, The Divide does show signs of being competently made, though the story, and acting would have you believe otherwise. Xavier Gens seems like he would be a decent director, if he got the chance to work with a solid story. The Divide though, is anything but solid.