The Happening ★★★★

"Be scientific, douche bag."

The fact that B movies have evolved into such serious blockbusters seems to mean that any film actually striving to emulate classic B movies are criticized as being too stupid and cheesy. Personally, I need more stupid and cheesy in my life, and The Happening delivers every time I watch it.

How anyone can view this film and believe that it is supposed to be anything more than just escapism is beyond me. There isn't a single moment in this film that suggest that it should be taken seriously. I mean there is a scene where I guy has his arm ripped off by a tiger. What about that moment is meant to suggest that The Happening is a film comparable to Schindler's List? The answer is nothing.

Now your probably thinking to yourself, "but what about Mark Wahlberg, he is soooo bad". My answer is that I generally enjoy his performance. I had a teacher, actually multiple teachers in high school, that acted a lot like Wahlberg does in the film. By this I mean they acted like douche bag know it alls, but in a strange way they were likeable enough people. That is Walhberg's character in a nutshell, and it works in context with the film.

In summation, your either a super sexy person like me and dig The Happening, or your just a plain John/Jane who only likes superhero movies.

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