The Hunt

The Hunt ★½

Everything is suggesting that the theatres will start to close in Canada, so I needed to get out prior to that happening. They blocked from purchase every other couch in the theatre, so even if they had a sell out crowd, they wouldn't be making that much dough. There were two other people in the theatre, and the entire multiplex was deserted. Pretty much ideal time to get out and see any flick.

Unfortunately, The Hunt is a major stinker, with the lead performance being the only thing of note. Betty Gilpin is great. The rest of the performances are vanilla, and the direction/film-making is just standard stuff.

One of the bigger offenses of the film is the writing though, which is front to back bad. The expository sequences are terrible, the dialogue for both the left leaning and the right leaning individuals is stale, and the reliance on real world events to inform the basic plot is uninspired. The biggest offence is just that the film says nothing. It's basically just everyone is bad, no matter what their allegiances/causes are in life (and to get that I am inferring a fair bit that isn't really suggested in the film). It's not really a rich vs poor thing, and even the right vs. left thing is handled very loosely. It honestly feels like it is written by people who know way more about pop culture than they do about real life.

I found out after seeing this in theatres that it is going to VOD this very week, so I am lucky to be able to refer to it now as VOD trash, which is certainly a good and simple description of its quality.

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