The Irishman ★★

The gimmick of de-aging hijacked this film for me completely. While whatever they did to Pacino and Pesci was mostly fine, Deniro's de-aging was a nightmare. Apparently Deniro was supposed to be 24 at his youngest (I assume that's the war flashback) but never once did my brain tell me that I was looking at a man in his mid-20s. You can do whatever you want to the face, but Deniro moves like an old man, so it's pointless to try and make him look younger. That scene where he beats up the shop owner is absurd, because Deniro physically cannot pull off the movements of a younger man. The entire time I was just questioning how old the characters were supposed to be, and what time period the scenes were taking place in. When Pesci meets Deniro for the first time and calls him "kid" I was like "what?????". There was an opportunity here to give some young actors a chance at a decent role by playing the younger versions of the characters, but instead we get a massive misfire. Imagine if in The Godfather Part 2 they had Brando playing the young Vito rather than Deniro...

Looking past the de-aging, we have a movie that is hardly stressing/stretching anyone involved with making it. Sure, the performances are strong across the board, with Pesci being the standout for me, but this is hardly out of the wheelhouse of anyone involved (except for maybe Action Bronson). Marty could bang this out on a Tuesday between lunch and dinner (if he had an early lunch and a late dinner), so I am hardly going to be praising his work here. Apart from the guns on the bed scene, and the fish conversation, there was nothing in the movie that stood out as being memorable, and certainly not on the level of Marty's previous organized crime flicks. The film has no pulse or rhythm, and I truly feel like you could take take a scalpel to this film and cut out an hour plus without much issue.

In summation, they should have just let the actors play the characters at whatever age their characters were supposed to be. Never once did I feel like I was looking at younger versions of the characters, so what was the point? Then, the rest of the film is just a shrug, and is way down on the list when ranking Marty's filmography. Once the film was over I just was left wishing that I had rewatched Silence.

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