The Legend of Billie Jean ★★★½

The Goonies meets Natural Born Killers in this surprisingly fun and well made teen film. After a young Christian Slater has his mean motor scooter stolen and wrecked, he goes looking for it, gets beat up, and his sister Billie Jean steps in to exact some justice. A bunch of stuff happens and the kids and their two friends end up on the run, all the while The Legend of Billie Jean is spreading over Texas.

Simply put this movie is simply entertaining (ugh). There really isn't much else to say about it. Keith Jordan (Arnie in Christine) shows up as the rich love interest and Yeardley Smith (The annoying girl from Maximum Overdrive) plays one of the friends. Helen Slater is more than capable of leading the film as Billie Jean, and this makes all the Joan of Arc stuff almost not terrible.

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