The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★

This film is a fat guy that has a great personality, but whose so preoccupied with his weight, that he doesn't have any self esteem. The stuff that this movie does best is the stuff that we haven't been seeing in every blockbuster for the last five years. Unfortunately though, there are many scenes that are just servicing obligatory modern blockbuster tropes, and do nothing but weigh down what could have been a very fun movie.

The outright joyous/ridiculous/over the top/silly final action sequence is absolutely superb. I was so worried that I was going to have to sit through a twenty minute final action sequence that was just boring mounting conflict. Instead, the final action scene is just full of life and hits many a sweet spot with me.

Alas though, in order to get to this final action scene, I had to sit through so much plodding and uninspired story stuff, that it is impossible to really recommend this movie. Believe you me, if you have seen just a couple of westerns, you will know exactly where this movie is going by the hour mark. Great performances by Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp help grease the old and rusted story cogs, making it flow a little easier through your eye and ear holes, but your brain cave is definitely going to feel a bit empty while watching this movie. Also, I have no explanation as to why Helena Bonham Carter was needed in this movie. Her character is completely pointless.

In summation, The Lone Ranger ends in the best way possible. It is so much fun at the end, that one could see how you could forgive the predictability and boring nature of the rest of the film. Still, I'm not willing to forgive this film, because if the rest of the film was like the ending, it would have been best of the year material.

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