The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★½

The Wolf of Wall Street is clearly made by a director on top of his form. Everything about this movie is pure Scorsese, and not just regular Scorsese, but Scorsese at his best. Unfortunately though, it seems that Scorsese is completely aware of this, and it is apparent that he wasn't willing to make any concessions with this film. The result is a movie that hits some of the highest highs of 2013, but also some of the lowest lows as well.

It is clear from the very start that this movie sets out to offend and make its audience uncomfortable. While this is impressively shocking for a while, it soon becomes exhausting. The amount of debauchery on display here is unparalleled. The stuff that you see in Wolf makes Goodfellas seem like a film about choir boys. Unfortunately, the film doesn't have the legs to sustain the level of in your face insanity, and of course the film has to show the consequences of the characters actions.

It is the consequences part of the film that really brings the film down, and it is a shame that this is the case, as the characters are so horrible that they deserve to face consequences that fit the crimes that they commit. Sure, this is a true story, but the reliance on the factual events makes the second half of this film seem like it is takes ages. As someone who saw Django Unchained twice last Christmas Day, I can say that just seeing Wolf once felt like a much longer experience in comparison.

Now, I can completely understand why someone would love this film. The performances by everyone are amazing, and there are moments in the film that are an absolute triumph. But, I can never see myself wanting to sit through this again. The film is big and bloated (which could probably be argued is the point) and it was definitely a bit of a chore to get through.

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