Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru ★★★★

This is just a concert film of one of self improvement coach Tony Robbin's "Date With Destiny" six day courses. The intention with it is to show how positive and uplifiting Robbins' courses can be, and if you buy into what he is selling, than this film will work for you. For myself, I watch it the same way that some may watch a magician to discover how the tricks are done, with an eye for the formula and methods that Robbins' uses is order to influence people and make them feel that the five thousand bucks (plus expenses) that they paid to participate in the seminar, was worth it.

It's obvious that Robbins knows people, and how to interact with them. What he is doing is performing, and he is very good at it. He knows to maintain eye contact with those he is addressing individually. He knows when to be passive aggressive, and when to be loving. Given his stature, he seems to be completely aware of how his body moves, and how his body language affects other people. Watching him do his thing is impressive, but it is still definitely a thing. While he states that he truly cares about helping people, in the end these people are paying a large sum of money for his help, and I find it near impossible to overlook that fact. These people attending Robbins' seminar are purchasing a product, that product being solutions to the problems of life that ail all of us, and while I am very skeptical as to whether this seminar has the ability to truly be life changing, for the 6 days that people are immersed in Tony Robbins' world, they do seem to receive some temporary solace from their problems, as well as hope for the future.

The sort of life altering, community building, me focused self help seminars that Tony Robbins does are definitely not for me. I believe that we need to be very aware of who is influencing how we think (believe nothing that I write, and think for yourself), especially when it comes to crafting a satisfying life. This concert film offers a glimpse into what Robbins' does, and given that it can be seen for only the price of Netflix membership, it is a steal of a deal compared to the cost of the actual seminar. If this kind of stuff is of interest to you, whether because you are searching for help, or just looking to put on your thinking cap and dissect what Robbins' does, than this film is worth a watch.

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