We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★

This rewatch was spurred on by last night's viewing of The Lovely Bones and the fact that director Lynne Ramsay was the the original director chosen to helm that film.

I was hoping that my opinion on this go around would either sway more to the positive or more to the negative, but alas I have pretty much the same feelings towards this. If you think of it like a genre film, or like a remake of The Bad Seed than it is easy to get past how pretentious and unsubtle it is. The film definitely makes me squirm at parts, which I both dig and don't dig at the same time. Thus, this movie gets 3 stars for the time being. Probably will only ever watch this again though, when/if I have children. There are definitely some things to be learned about parenting contained within this film

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