Western ★★★★★

Once again the Ross brothers successfully infiltrate a region of America, and capture people simply existing, for our viewing pleasure. There is no hand holding in a Ross brothers film, and because of this, their films are fully immersive experiences. With Western, you get to spend time on a border town in Texas, that seems to be wonderfully unaffected by the tension and controversy that comes with being a town on the US/Mexico border. The mayor of the town is loved on both sides of the border, and the rancher is able to freely move cows between countries, as his family has been doing for a century. Western chronicles the months when the unfortunate reality of the US/Mexico border comes to town, with borders being closed, people getting killed, and fences getting built. The Ross brothers chronicle all this in their usual low key, yet gorgeous film-making style, and Western is easily one of the best movies of 2015.

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