Xanadu ★★½

Watched this with Brother FilmApe and when he asked me why I bought the film, and I said that I just saw it at the checkout at BestBuy, so I bought it, he compared me to Jabba the Hut eating one of those frog things, just replacing the frog thing with Blurays.

As for Xanadu, it is nonsense, but it kind of should be seen. This movie is 5/5 ridiculous, but it is 2.5/5 in terms of actual enjoyment. The scenes go on for a very long time, and the choreography is not very good, or even that interesting. The last half of the movie had me just, but not in a way that makes me not want to recommend this film to you. It's like, the movie is not good, but I am happy to own it, you know...

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