The Fourth Dimension ★★★

First up was Harmony Korine’s contribution starring Val Kilmer; Lotus Community Workshop. This was the silliest of the three and perhaps one of Val’s finest roles. You want to see Val sing an improvised song about diarrhea? Of course you do. I Couldn’t tell you too much of what this movie was about other than Kilmer plays a quack motivational speaker who preaches enlightenment through sermons on the divinity of cotton candy, the dangers of velvet, and many other ridiculous topics. Oh yeah, he also rocks a killer fanny pack. It was hard to watch this movie and not ignore Kilmer’s scene stealing wardrobe.

Next up was the Russian filmmaker, Fedorchenko, and his time traveling entry, Chronoeye. As much as I enjoyed the lunacy of Kilmer’s one man show, Fedorchenko’s movie, which focused on one man’s obsession with time travel, was my favorite of the three. Grigory Mikhailovich plays the frustrated time traveler with brilliant subtlety, that in the wake of Kilmer’s, shall I say, liveliness, made Mikhailovich’s performance seem even that much more controlled. This acting, combined with Fedorchenko’s photography and choice of settings were nothing less than magnificent, as was proven during a certain dizzying ascent to the top of a tower scene.

Moving on from the darkly comedic to the dark, dramatic, and anarchic, was Polish filmmaker Jan Kwiecinski‘s entry, Fawns. This last portion of Fourth Dimension Omnibus, as I’m now referring to this movie as, was probably my least favorite, but that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it. The odd thing about it is I can’t seem to pinpoint the exact reason(s) as to why I liked this one the least. It’s filmed really well, and has that post apocolytic impending sense of doom feel to it that I always enjoy. Plus there’s violence, sex (or at least foreplay), suspense, a minimal amount of dialogue. Yet, even with all this it still felt very familiar; not giving me that sense of newness that the two previous entries provided. I’m pretty sure that I would have enjoyed this more had both Korine and Fedorchenko’s movies not had that originality factor.