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  • I'm Not Scared

    I'm Not Scared


    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #54

    I'm Not Scared is a chilling mystery as seen through the eyes of Michele, a nine year old boy who lives in an idyllic pastoral village in the Italian countryside. Whilst out playing with his friends, Michele uncovers a bloodcurdling secret and his inquisitive nature lands him in a dangerous situation when he returns alone to investigate further. At first, Michele keeps his discovery a secret from his parents and friends. However,…

  • Billy Budd

    Billy Budd


    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #53

    Peter Ustinov was famed for his terrific performances in front of the camera but his stints behind the camera have sadly been largely forgotten. His crowning achievement as a film director is the remarkable tale of Billy Budd, a thrilling showdown of good versus evil set on tempestuous high seas when England and France were at war in the late 1700s. Terence Stamp stars in the titular role as a naive young…

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  • The Miracle Worker

    The Miracle Worker


    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #49

    We can try to imagine living in a world where we are unable to see or hear but this frightening concept is always short-lived for anyone who can open their eyes and uncover their ears. This unfathomable condition is an affliction that befell Helen Keller and left her in isolation from those around her when she became ill at just nineteen months old. Only one person, Annie Sullivan, who was half blind…

  • Sorcerer



    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #46

    After making his mark on the American cinematic landscape with The French Connection and The Exorcist, director William Friedkin boldy decided to tackle a loose remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot's thrilling French masterpiece, The Wages of Fear, which was also based upon the novel by Georges Arnaud. His magnificent vision of the existential thriller involved months of filming in South American jungles in a move that bears similarities to Herzog's ambitious and wonderful…