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  • The Saragossa Manuscript

    The Saragossa Manuscript


    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #61

    Extravagant and intricate storytelling awaits anyone who delves into Wojciech Has' decadent three-hour opus The Saragossa Manuscript. Has plunges us through surreal, macabre and sensual tales where we meet a vast array of fascinating characters such as bandits, cabalists, sultans and temptresses; many of whom are gifted in the art of recounting enchanting anecdotes. This enthralling fantasy features multiple subplots that are intertwined with a startling dexterity as each narrator encounters other…

  • A Special Day

    A Special Day


    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #60

    On May 8th, 1938, Hitler visited Rome to meet with Mussolini and strengthen the union between Germany and Italy as the rise of fascism was taking hold of many parts of Europe. This was a special day for Italy and the residents of Rome who attended a magnificent parade that served to swell the ever-burgeoning national pride in the movement. For housewife and mother of six, Antonietta (Sophia Loren), this day would…

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  • The Miracle Worker

    The Miracle Worker


    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #49

    We can try to imagine living in a world where we are unable to see or hear but this frightening concept is always short-lived for anyone who can open their eyes and uncover their ears. This unfathomable condition is an affliction that befell Helen Keller and left her in isolation from those around her when she became ill at just nineteen months old. Only one person, Annie Sullivan, who was half blind…

  • Sorcerer



    100 Essential Films That Deserve More Attention #46

    After making his mark on the American cinematic landscape with The French Connection and The Exorcist, director William Friedkin boldy decided to tackle a loose remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot's thrilling French masterpiece, The Wages of Fear, which was also based upon the novel by Georges Arnaud. His magnificent vision of the existential thriller involved months of filming in South American jungles in a move that bears similarities to Herzog's ambitious and wonderful…