Assassination Nation ★★★★

I may have overreacted to this the first time. I'm not entirely sure what it was that got me so excited back in September, but upon re-watch, this left me feeling more ambivalent, in a peculiar sort of way. I still don't mind the glaring lack of subtext - this is punk rock cinema, after all - but the dialogue doesn't really do it any favors. I also felt significantly older this time, although that's probably a given since I first watched this before I turned 24. It is clearer to me now that this feels more like a slap in the face intended for baby boomers, which I can't completely detest, but such intent limits its appeal. All the same, its heart is in the right place, particularly in its resonant, albeit messy, examination of the American Girl, and the rabbit holes of hypocrisy and extremism she must navigate until Hell freezes over, seemingly.

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