Gemini Man ★★★★

3D / 60fps

So yeah this isn’t on the same plane of greatness as Avatar or even Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, but watching Gemini Man in its intended format is an indescribably surreal experience from start to finish, and one that I highly recommend regardless of whether you like it or not. What the experience boils down to is wishing it were better as your eyes melt before all of its glossy, silky smooth, rapid-fire visual extravagance, which makes you wonder why other films don’t look this good. You’ll find yourself both underwhelmed by its lack of thematic exploration and overwhelmed by the unreality of light, water, smoke, fire, and human faces (real and digital) projected at 60 frames per second. More than anything, I’m baffled that Hollywood greenlit what is essentially a high-tech experimental VFX showreel that, beyond its rudimentary plotting, promises a bright future for blockbuster filmmaking. (Looking at you, Michael Bay, Gore Verbinski, James Cameron, Christopher McQuarrie, James Wan, and Zack Snyder.)

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