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  • Pleasantville


    How was it that I ever even remotely liked this film? 2+ hours of the joys and fears that the introduction of sex can bring, with 2 of the most criminally underwritten lead characters that I've encountered in some time. Painfully simplistic and preachy. Just....awful.

  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink


    I was going to say -- this is one of the few John Hughes comedies that I never saw a second time after its initial release -- but then realized that he only wrote and produced it. It was then-newcomer Howard Deutch's debut feature. For all these years I counted this as one of Hughes' high school RomComs.An understandable mistake.

    I remember being underwhelmed by it in '86. But I was 21, and perhaps a bit apathetic towards teens and…

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  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    Though this is just the 40 minute work-print of selected scenes that Welles edited, there's no doubt that this is some sort of masterpiece, and I do hope the crowd funding campaign is a success. If the film-within-a-film is meant to be a dig at "art cinema" of the day, Orson has nailed it.

  • Who Wants To Kill Jessie?

    Who Wants To Kill Jessie?


    Czech new-wave weirdness. If only all comic book movies were like this...