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  • Lemmings, Part 1 – Arcadia

    Lemmings, Part 1 – Arcadia


    First part of a two-part TV film from Haneke that looks at his own generation -- those born shortly after the war. Imagine AMERICAN GRAFFITI, but with none of the joy and warm nostalgia. Still, richly developed characters, each clashing with their elders in some way or another. Looking forward to part 2, when they are 20 years older and even more miserable.

  • Three Paths to the Lake

    Three Paths to the Lake


    Early Haneke made-for-tv film. Terribly frustrating -- about two-thirds of the film is an off-screen narrator reading from Bachmann's short story. It's beautiful prose, but strip that away and we are left with filler scenes that don't really serve to say much more than everything we've heard prior. Suggestion: read the story instead.

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  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    Though this is just the 40 minute work-print of selected scenes that Welles edited, there's no doubt that this is some sort of masterpiece, and I do hope the crowd funding campaign is a success. If the film-within-a-film is meant to be a dig at "art cinema" of the day, Orson has nailed it.

  • Love Battles

    Love Battles

    This is the psycho-sexual film I've waited my whole life for....