The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ★★★★

When I first saw heard about this and watched the trailers I didn’t expect much from it. It looked like it would be mid-tier Marvel and wouldn’t be anything special but this really surprised me. The main thing that caught me of guard was the more mature tone. Whilst there still is humour, it’s correctly placed, never undercuts a moment and is balanced well against the more serious tone. 

I thought Sam and Bucky had worked well enough for the films they were in and I liked them but they weren’t characters I were dying to see a show about. Before Sam Wilson was just a comic relief and at the end of Endgame when Cap gave him the shield I didn’t really care because, whilst I liked Falcon, I never found him to be that interesting of a character. I thought Bucky had some good setup but was just never explored. Here however, they’re given the development and exploration they didn’t have in the previous films and Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s chemistry was really good. To me the best character of the show was John Walker. Wyatt Russel is brilliant in the role and the exploration of living up to a name and legacy was done well. The contrast between him and Sam to show what makes Captain America and what the title can mean to others like Isaiah Bradley was great.

My main issue is with the Flag Smashers. They had a defined motivation but the characters and their scenes lacked any charisma or energy. They weren’t scary, fun or intimidating. They were just there and their scenes would grind the pace to a halt. The action for the most part was good although at times I thought it would get too quick cutty. I also thought the conclusions to some of the characters felt a bit rushed, namely John Walker, Zemo and Sharon Carter.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier wasn’t a show I wasn’t expecting to be all that much. I was expecting it to just be a “funny buddy action show” but it ended up being much more than that and ended up being one of my fav routine things put out in the MCU.

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