The War with Grandpa

The War with Grandpa ★★★★★

I want you to picture something. Picture in your head a pyramid. Each level of the pyramid has different films. Your least favourites are at the bottoms and your favourites are at the top. But there’s something above the pyramid. 100 pyramids higher is another film and that film is War a With Grandpa.
I cannot comprehend how good this film is right now. I just can’t believe it. It is 100x better than my favourite films of all time. It’s just on a completely different level to them. It’s built different.

Jesus Christ, this might sound crazy but I think this is the best film ever made. Everything is perfect from the acting, the CGI, the production design, the score etc.
This is peak Robert De Niro. When we all saw Dirty Grandpa we all though “this is his best, it can’t get any better” but guess what, it did. Robert De Niro is perfect in this film and he is going to get the Oscar for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting actress you name it. Robert De Niro will clean house in every single acting category, even if he isn’t a woman or in a supporting role. He’s that good. This film will also clean house in every other category. 
Speaking of acting, you also have Christopher Walker in his best role since Nine Lives. Also, what happened to the guy who voiced the cat in that film? He seems like such a lovely man.
Also the writing man 👌. This is some of the funniest comedy I’ve seen since Pixels. What do you expect when you hire the guys who wrote the hit films Epic (2013), Get Smart (2008) and Home (2015).
The direction from Tim Hill is fantastic. I thought he did a great job with Hop (2011) but this is just on another level. In fact this film is on a different level to every other film in existence.
This film was so good guys. You have to see it. It’s worth catching COVID 19 from going to the cinema to see it. Hell, this film is so good that it’ll probably cure your COVID 19 if you have it.

There are none you fucking retard. Did you really think there would be? If your answer was yes I have a message for you: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! WE STAND HERE WITNESSING THE SINGLE BEST ACHIEVEMENT FROM MANKIND AND YOU’RE THINKING “hmmmm let’s looks for problems”. Well guess what jackass, there are literally no problems with this film. It is perfect in every single way. This film will have aliens from the opposite end of the universe travelling to us to see it. You could charge $1,000,000 for people to view just a single frame and they would pay. There are no problems with this film and if you thought there would be then you’re one of the stupidest people living on this planet.

In conclusion, this is objectively the best film ever made. It will go down in the history books as the greatest film of all time. It will be studied in film classes. It will have people jerking off to it. It will have people making Rule 34 of it. Everyone in this world will watch this movie and will acknowledge it as the single biggest achievement in human history. This film is an example of when we use all of our brains potential. This film is perfect, it was so good that cum started bursting out of every hole.

As the Paddington 2 guy said in The Gentlemen:
“It’s beautiful, beautiful cinema”

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