Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★

Scavenger Hunt #62 [1/31]

A film starring a wrestler

Yeah, yeah, I haven't finished the Meechee challenge yet but this only had 2 days left on MUBI and there was no way I wanted to pass up this one. So here we are. Anyway, I didn't like it but I respect the hell out of Southland Tales for doing nothing less than committing to its madcap speculative vision on and off-screen. Kelly's world-building is confused and tiring as much as it is imaginative and awe-inspiring in detail and density. I hate the opening sequence, but I quite liked the random news segments and prescient Internet memes, they got the odd chuckle from me! The Pynchon-riffing is eye-rolling to me in much the same way it was in Under the Silver Lake, although I found the cast of characters here slightly more endearing and the universe more intriguing. Nonetheless, the process of digesting this film is just as incomprehensible and frankly exhausting by the time it's reached the territory of mega-zeppelins and flying ice-cream trucks. Other little notes: love the random Rebekah del Rio performance, found The Rock's performance surprisingly gentle down to his nervous tics and really bloody hated Timberlake's role and his musical number! Richard Kelly, you madman, you.

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