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  • That Was Then... This Is Now

    That Was Then... This Is Now


    The title is more of a tagline for what the movie should have been titled: FAST LANES.

    Essentially an MOW elevated by sheer force of Emilio Estevez & S.E. Hinton power-duo charisma. Craig Sheffer does not hurt the chemistry either. Nevertheless the film is oddly unfocused and a bit meandering.

    Notable for being an adaptation that Emilio Estevez undertook writing while filming his role in John Hughes' THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

    Directed by the guy who would go on to direct YOUNG GUNS 3-yrs later.

    (1 1/2 Bones)

  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort


    Should have been titled THE BAYOU or THE BACKWOODS.

    SOUTHERN COMFORT title should have been used for a SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT type spin-off with Burt Reynolds and Sally Field.

    This movie should have also been a Vietnam drama because honestly it has no business being DELIVERANCE meets FIRST BLOOD --but with a platoon of National Guardsman. And you can't make the bad guys "Cajuns." It is so hashtag problematic. Non-2020-compliant.

    This movie fails at almost every level. Its biggest…

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  • Aladdin


    Like watching your stepmom wear your dead mom's wedding dress while weeding on her hands and knees in the mud during a rainstorm while lightening rips through the sky tearing it apart.

    (1 Bone)

  • Ruthless People

    Ruthless People


    After TCB I was feeling another late 80's or early 90's comedy that had inventive fun opening credits with title song. This was perfect!